Return of the Gods

The Sewers of Blood
An unexpected encounter

After successfully escaping the ambassadors estate the party found themselves in the largest park of the city of Ilowan. The party is about to make a break for it when a small patrol of guards approaches. Before they are noticed the party hides in the brush. The guards pass by and don’t notice. They were discussing one of the guards wifes… bedroom adventures.

As the party begins to relax again a man steps out of the brush. He has been watching the party and knows that they have been framed. He knows something that might help the party. The party is on edge and prepared to murder this character, but the ranger agrees to lead the party to safety through the park and away from the guards in exchange for life and a bit of help.

“Randy” the new ranger leads the party to the slums and on the way informs the party that the assassins guild has been doing the murders lately and that the golden knights have been framing people for the deaths. He himself had been framed by them and was on the run.

As the party is introducing themselves a lady on a horse gallops past at full speed. Shortly followed by a small collection of city guards.They ask where she went and inform the party she just killed someone! The guards fail to follow her tracks. The party decided to track her instead and figure out what is going on.

The party follows the trail to a small tavern where they find a not so hidden brothel. In the basement is a very secret pathway into the sewers. As they explore the sewers the party encounters some skeletons. The noise of battle brings more enemies! Two Otyugh come charging around the corner and fight the party.

After defeating the Otyugh the party continues to explore the dungeon and finds the assassins store room. They equip themselves with some black leather and then continue on. after navigating a few traps the party finds the guilds hideout. They meet Pearla the assassin. she says that the city leaders are up ot something. they are asking the guild to assassinate too many people. Inf act the golden knights, who since the creation of this country have never requested a single assassination, have begun asking for a lot of people killed.

The assassins tell the party that they must figure out what is going on, or be killed.

When leaving the dungeon the party finds a strange ritual room of sacrifice. In the far wall is a skull with two rubies in the eye sockets. Randy decides to take the almost worthless jems. Upon doing so a blood deamon forms in the center of the room.

After defeating the deamon the party escapes the sewer and takes refuge in a local tavern.


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