The world Background

The known world is scattered with kingdoms and ruins alike. Magic in this world flows through many people. It is not uncommon to meet a student of the magical arts traveling from town to town as entertainers or offering their skills up for money. The truly talented find acceptance in the guilds, magical academies, or military.

For many generations the gods have left the world alone. Peace has blanketed the world and fighting is limited to expansion of the kingdoms or pressure from the wild lands. However there have been rumors of people who suddenly gained great powers. Greater, it is said, than has been seen since the champions of the gods walked the earth. Of course such rumors usually fall on deaf ears, for everyone knows the gods only care about themselves. They have not interfered with our realm for many many generations.


Gyildal, the kingdom of the golden dragon
It is said that an ancient golden dragon has run this kingdom for generations. Only knights of the golden dragon have ever seen him. Some say that no one living has seen the dragon and rumors have begun to spread that this benevolent creature doesn’t actually exist. Such talk is quickly stopped when a knight walks by. Dragon born find acceptance in this kingdom and are a common site across the kingdom.

The Wilds of Mierodran
Taking up much of the northern lands Mierodran is a large and dangerous expanse of wilderness. Few who venture here come back so little is known of this place. Those who do come back tell great stories of beasts and grand battles and ancient cities.

To the West of the world lies the small kingdom of Restium inhabited mostly by a mix of humans and dwarfs. Here magic is strictly regulated and all those with magical talent are required to spend 4 years serving in the army. Almost every citizen of restium has seen battle due to the constant wars with the northern orc tribes. All of the best weapons are from here and many kingdoms wish to trade for their high quality weapons and armor.

The Dwavern Cities
To the east lies the Dwavern city states connected to each other by grand tunnels and paths. They rarely leave their beautiful cities and those who go there rarely want to return home. Their main gates are said to be gorgeous monuments to the old dwavern gods of prosperity and defense. Very few travelers have gone to the deep dwavern cities and are usually forced to stay near the entrance

Island of Ulin
This beautiful island is home of the elves. These elves travel the seas in beautiful ships crafted from the magical woods that cover the island. The elves are a powerful force in the sea and make much of their wealth from trading and shipping cargo. The wood elves of the great forest have a strong hate for Elves from the Island of Ulin saying that they are desecrating their forest. Though to date, no wars have come from this hate of each other.

The world Background

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